Beach Wedding Place Card and Escort Card Ideas

There are so many choices to make when planning your beach wedding. Among them is how you would like to let your guests know where to sit at the reception. Below are a few options:

Use Escort Cards: Escort cards are usually arranged – in alphabetical order – at the reception entrance with the guest’s name and table number. These are used to “escort” the guest to his or her table. Flat cards laid out on a table – with or without an envelope – is one display option, as pictured below in one of our most popular designs: Two Starfish Place Cards.

On our site, escort cards are entirely customize-able. One option is to write the guest’s name on the outside of the envelope. In that case, the assigned table number is usually written on the card inside. Cards laid out without an envelope often include both the guest’s name and the table number. Flat cards can also be displayed in beach place card holders.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Tent cards are another popular way to go (see photo below). The wording on escort cards can be changed to suit your style. You can have a line printed on the cards where guests’ names and table numbers can be written in. You also have the option to include an “M” at the beginning of the name line for guests to finish – filling in Ms., Mrs., Mr. or Mr. & Mrs. Some people prefer to leave out the “M.”

les are getting creative with how they are displaying escort cards at their wedding. Instead of lining them up on a table, they pin the cards onto a clothesline or attach them to an object, like a piece of fruit or to wedding favors, like these white starfish. The only limit is your imagination.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Use Place cards: Place cards usually include guests’ names and are placed at the table itself, at a specific table setting. Place cards are most often used when there are assigned seats – not just assigned tables. Many couples opt for tent cards or use place card holders like the Pewter Sea Shell Place Card Holders pictured below.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Escort cards are also sometimes used as place cards when guests place them at a specific place setting to reserve a particular seat at their assigned table. Our beach-themed place cards are also customize-able, allowing you to choose whether you would like to have a name line printed or an “M” included.

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