Fun, Fashionable and Functional Favors: Personalized Sunglasses

Fill a need so many of your guests have, with a quick welcome gift or event favor that will see plenty of use. Fun and fashionable personalized sunglasses in a cool design will make every event photo even more fun, and keep your guests comfortable during sunny ceremonies and receptions. Already have a favor picked and your welcome bags filled? Simply place your branded sunglasses on each seat at your daytime, outdoors ceremony, or add a few pairs to the table settings at your reception, for guests to grab and go while they take photos using your wedding hashtag.

There are two different options available for the personalized sunglasses, which come in a variety of bright, bold colors, the perfect backdrop for your script or logo.


Personalized Sunglasses
Personalized Sunglasses
Personalized Sunglasses in Bright Colors
Personalized Sunglasses in Bright Colors

Beach Themed Place Card Holders

Don’t choose just any place card holder for your beach or nautical theme wedding. We have a variety of beach themed place card holders to pick from, and you’re sure to find one you love.

The silver seashell place card holders are perfect for an elegant seaside event, and can easily fit into any wedding color scheme.

The coral place card holders are equally classy, but add an additional layer of texture to your table settings.

For weddings with a more antique or vintage feel, go with the anchor place card holders. The weathered silver look is great paired with darker colors or rustic accents.

However, if you’re wanting to go completely beach-y and embrace your wedding setting to the fullest, pick none other than the seashell place card holders. Whimsical and fun, they have a completely authentic look, sure to catch your guests’ eyes.


Silver Seashell Beach Themed Place Card Holders
Silver Seashell Beach Themed Place Card Holders


Coral Place Card Holders
Coral Place Card Holders


Anchor Place Card Holder
Anchor Place Card Holder


Seashell Place Card Holders
Seashell Place Card Holders

Beach Wedding Place Card and Escort Card Ideas

There are so many choices to make when planning your beach wedding. Among them is how you would like to let your guests know where to sit at the reception. Below are a few options:

Use Escort Cards: Escort cards are usually arranged – in alphabetical order – at the reception entrance with the guest’s name and table number. These are used to “escort” the guest to his or her table. Flat cards laid out on a table – with or without an envelope – is one display option, as pictured below in one of our most popular designs: Two Starfish Place Cards.

On our site, escort cards are entirely customize-able. One option is to write the guest’s name on the outside of the envelope. In that case, the assigned table number is usually written on the card inside. Cards laid out without an envelope often include both the guest’s name and the table number. Flat cards can also be displayed in beach place card holders.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Tent cards are another popular way to go (see photo below). The wording on escort cards can be changed to suit your style. You can have a line printed on the cards where guests’ names and table numbers can be written in. You also have the option to include an “M” at the beginning of the name line for guests to finish – filling in Ms., Mrs., Mr. or Mr. & Mrs. Some people prefer to leave out the “M.”

les are getting creative with how they are displaying escort cards at their wedding. Instead of lining them up on a table, they pin the cards onto a clothesline or attach them to an object, like a piece of fruit or to wedding favors, like these white starfish. The only limit is your imagination.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Use Place cards: Place cards usually include guests’ names and are placed at the table itself, at a specific table setting. Place cards are most often used when there are assigned seats – not just assigned tables. Many couples opt for tent cards or use place card holders like the Pewter Sea Shell Place Card Holders pictured below.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions,

Escort cards are also sometimes used as place cards when guests place them at a specific place setting to reserve a particular seat at their assigned table. Our beach-themed place cards are also customize-able, allowing you to choose whether you would like to have a name line printed or an “M” included.

Beach Wedding Wine Cork Cage Guestbook

After reading Offbeat Bride’s blog post about using wine corks instead of a traditional wedding guestbook, we were inspired to offer this fun beach-themed alternative to an oversize wine glass as a place for the signed corks. This Woody Cork Cage comes with an adorable miniature surfboard for the roof rack and makes a very handsome presentation on a beach wedding welcome table. Best of all, long after the celebration ends, you have an attractive way to display all the signed corks and a piece of home decor that is sure to be a conversation-starter!

Woody Cork Cage - fun beach wedding guest book idea - wine corks in a cork cage - Beach Front Occasions,
Use this Woody Cork Cage as a great alternative to a traditional wedding guestbook.

Bicycle Beach Wedding Decor

Beaches and bicycles go together like surf and sand! So, for the outdoorsy among us, it’s easy to incorporate a bicycle motif into a beach wedding.

The adorable bicycle place card holders pictured below are a whimsical addition to any outdoor wedding decor. Take your bicycle theme one step further by making DIY centerpieces out of bicycle baskets filled with goodies like beer, a beach ball and beach wedding favors, like sunscreen and keychain bottle openers.

The tandem bike ring pillow below is another great way to infuse bicycle imagery into your wedding. A fun tote bag with a design that includes a tandem bicycle, hearts and festive balloons makes a great bridesmaids gift or a welcome bag for your guests. Decorate bicycle wheels with ribbons or flowers and hang them over your dessert table for another way to extend a bicycle theme.

Le Tour Bicycle Place Card Holders - perfect for a beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions,

Pictured above: Le Tour Bicycle Place Card Holders

Tandem Bike Ring Pillow - perfect for a bicycle-themed beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions,

Picture above: Tandem Bike Ring Pillow

Tandem Bicycle Tote Bag - perfect for a bicycle-themed beach wedding as a bridesmaid gift or guest welcome bag. - Beach Front Occasions,

Pictured above: Tandem Bicycle Tote Bag

Your Beach Wedding Place Card Holder Questions Answered

Our customers regularly ask us to clarify what size stationery fits in our beach wedding place card holders. Our answer: You’d be surprised! For example, though the largest of the Coral Place Card Holders pictured below measures 1.25 x 2 inches, it is sturdy enough to hold a table sign that is 4 x 5 inches, a travel itinerary measuring 5 x 7 inches or even a “tall and skinny” menu that is 4 x 9.25 inches. Of course, we always recommend that you test out any place card holder in advance with the stationery size you are planning to use, just to be sure. We love the design of these coral-shaped place card holders for a beach or tropical wedding. The white is so elegant and understated, allowing the pink of our Two Starfish Wedding Invitations design to really pop!

Beach wedding stationery and place card holders. - Beach Front Occasions,

Ring Pillow Alternatives for a Beach Wedding

You’re unique. Why not make your beach wedding decor unique as well?

An unexpected prop, the Canoe Ring Bearer Pillow below adds a little rustic charm to your wedding ceremony. Imagine how adorable this would be carried by your flower girl or boy. In lovely birch, this eco-friendly treasure is not only beautiful to look at but will definitely be a conversation piece at the reception.

Canoe Ring Bearer Pillow for a beach, tropical or nautical wedding. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.comShell Ring Pillow Alternative for a beach, tropica, nautical or destination wedding. - Beach Front Occasions,

The Shell Ring Pillow Alternative pictured above is a dreamy choice, eclipsing the traditional ring bearer pillow with its beauty. Your cherished wedding rings will be nestled in real reindeer moss with white double-faced satin ribbon, and secured inside of a breathtaking pearlized shell. This pretty item can be displayed in your home as a momento of your special day for years to come.