Fun Couples Love These Flying Favors

Beaches, picnics, carnivals or boating — whatever your wedding theme, if it takes place outdoors and the main goal is for your guests to have a ton of fun, you’ll want to include this little personalized beach favor in your welcome or gift bags. Choose from either a flexible flying disc that can fold up into a pouch, or a more traditional frisbee. They each come in a ton of different colors, and you can add whatever design you like, whether you have a graphic or logo, or you just want to add your names, initials, wedding date, whatever. Your guests will have a blast before and after the wedding, playing a game they remember from their childhood, as they relive, reconnect and later remember the best wedding they’ve ever been to — yours!



Personalized Flying Disc
Personalized Flying Disc and Beach Wedding Favor
Personalized Flexible Flying Disc With Matching Pouch
Personalized Flexible Flying Disc With Matching Pouch

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