A Modern Beach Wedding Color Palette: Brown and Neutrals

Brown combined with neutrals is as modern a color palette for a beach wedding as you are likely to find. It feels unfussy and natural like a cluster of seashells lying in the sand. It’s easy to unify the look of your wedding using this color combination. Bridesmaid dresses of different lengths and styles look coordinated in varying neutral shades. A rustic table decorated with sand-colored objects – like burlap, starfish and seashells – is an elegant homage to the simple beauty of the seashore.

Beach Wedding Color Combo with Seashell Monogram Invitation from Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com
Beach wedding color palette: brown and neutrals

Nautical Beach Wedding Invitations

Ahoy matey! Anchor-themed beach wedding invitations are sure to get your guests in a maritime mood. Elegant, yet whimsical, the designs will set imaginations sailing as your friends and family prepare to launch you and your spouse-to-be into wedded life. These nautical wedding invitations will also set the tone for the celebration of a marriage destined for adventure.

Personalizing Your Beach Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitations below can be customized to suit your taste and style. Choosing to incorporate layering cards, envelope liners or pocket folders can really dress up the look of this stationery. The invitation designs are also strong enough to stand on their own without much adornment. Whichever look you choose, the same design can be used for place cards, table signs and favor tags to personalize nautical wedding favors and other elements of your wedding decor.

Nautical Beach Wedding Invitations from Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.comFrom Left to Right: Beach Front Occasions’ Anchored in Love Wedding Invitations, Nautical Themed Anchor Wedding Invitations and Anchor Wedding Invitations

Beach Scene Wedding Inspiration

Palm trees swaying in the breeze. White sand beneath your feet. Waves crashing on the shore. String lights shining brightly against a dark sky.

This idyllic beach scene is the inspiration behind our latest mood board. At this wedding, the beauty of the beach is the central decor. A palm tree curls forward to make a ceremony arch. The bride’s yellow flowers look just picked. The cocktails are blue like the ocean. Palm fronds knit together to become a table runner. The glow from the lights turns everything dreamy. Your love is there. Your family is there. Your friends are there. The perfect day.

Beach Scene Palm Tree Wedding Invitations Inspiration Board for a beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com

Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Country Occasions’ Beach Scene Wedding Invitations: ceremony photo from Huffington Post: Beach Front Occasions’ Seaside Jewels Favor Boxes; cocktails via Best Destination Wedding; cake via Memento Designs; sign via Tumblr; and, tablescape from Tablescapes 4 U

Beach Bridal Shower Invitations

Beach bridal shower invitations should be as fun as a day at the beach. The bright colors and whimsical beach-themed patterns of our newest beach bridal shower invitations tell your guests to get ready for a good time in the sand and sun! Whether your event takes place at the beach, or simply has a tropical or nautical theme, we have something to suit your style and budget.

Continue the summer-time theme with beach bridal shower favors. We offer a variety of items to choose from, including flip flop keychains, starfish bottle openers and seashell-decorated coasters. Whatever the style of your event, a beach bridal shower is a great send-off into married life and a delightful way to celebrate all the adventures that lie ahead!

Beach Bridal Shower Invitations. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com


Beach Bridal Shower Invitations. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com


Beach Bridal Shower Invitations. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com


Beach Bridal Shower Invitations. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com

DIY Beach Wedding Favor Idea: Bath Salts

For a DIY wedding favor that will be truly appreciated by your guests, try homemade lavender bath salts. Not only do bath salts look romantic and sweet in little glass jars tied with ribbon, the fact that it looks like sand and is…well, salt makes it perfectly beach-themed!

These beach wedding favors are also super easy to make. Search the web for a recipe you like or use this one from Homemade Bath Salts and Scrubs. Make these favors your own by adding custom beach wedding tags and labels.

Invite your guests to take home a little bit of the fun and relaxation of your wedding by providing these lovely, sweet-smelling gifts.

DIY Beach Wedding Favor Bath Salts for a beach wedding or bridal . - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.comPictured above: Apothecary Jar Favor Containers and Candy Jar Favor Containers with custom tags and labels in our Hawaiian Dream Wedding Invitations design.

Beach Wedding Place Card and Escort Card Ideas

There are so many choices to make when planning your beach wedding. Among them is how you would like to let your guests know where to sit at the reception. Below are a few options:

Use Escort Cards: Escort cards are usually arranged – in alphabetical order – at the reception entrance with the guest’s name and table number. These are used to “escort” the guest to his or her table. Flat cards laid out on a table – with or without an envelope – is one display option, as pictured below in one of our most popular designs: Two Starfish Place Cards.

On our site, escort cards are entirely customize-able. One option is to write the guest’s name on the outside of the envelope. In that case, the assigned table number is usually written on the card inside. Cards laid out without an envelope often include both the guest’s name and the table number. Flat cards can also be displayed in beach place card holders.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com

Tent cards are another popular way to go (see photo below). The wording on escort cards can be changed to suit your style. You can have a line printed on the cards where guests’ names and table numbers can be written in. You also have the option to include an “M” at the beginning of the name line for guests to finish – filling in Ms., Mrs., Mr. or Mr. & Mrs. Some people prefer to leave out the “M.”

les are getting creative with how they are displaying escort cards at their wedding. Instead of lining them up on a table, they pin the cards onto a clothesline or attach them to an object, like a piece of fruit or to wedding favors, like these white starfish. The only limit is your imagination.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com

Use Place cards: Place cards usually include guests’ names and are placed at the table itself, at a specific table setting. Place cards are most often used when there are assigned seats – not just assigned tables. Many couples opt for tent cards or use place card holders like the Pewter Sea Shell Place Card Holders pictured below.

Beach Themed Two Starfish Place Cards and Escort Cards. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com

Escort cards are also sometimes used as place cards when guests place them at a specific place setting to reserve a particular seat at their assigned table. Our beach-themed place cards are also customize-able, allowing you to choose whether you would like to have a name line printed or an “M” included.

Personalized Fans for a Beach Wedding

These personalized fans for a beach wedding are hard workers! They do triple-duty as fans, wedding favors and thank you messages. Emblazoned with adorable beach-themed designs, they can be customized with any message. Adorn these fans with festive ribbon and place one on each guest’s chair or place setting. Or, arrange them on a table for your guests to pick up as they arrive. These same designs are also available as personalized wedding program fans, a fun way to keep your guests informed of event details while helping them stay cool in the sun!

Personalized fans for a beach wedding - these make great wedding favors. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.comPictured above: Beach Front Occasions’ Seashell Personalized Fans, Conch Seashell Personalized Fans and Two Starfish Personalized Fans


Seashell Dream Pastel Beach Wedding Inspiration

Visions of seashells dancing in our heads inspired our latest beach wedding mood board. Muted pastel green, lavender and pink promise a wedding that feels like a piece of coastal heaven. A light seafoam green is a dreamy color for bridesmaid dresses. Lavender and pink accents in the floral design and as part of a tablescape add a touch of subtle femininity.

Seashell Dream Beach Wedding Invitations Inspiration Board from Beach Front Occasions. www.beachfrontoccasions.com

Clockwise from Top Left: Beach Front Occasions’ Seashell Dream Beach Wedding Invitations; ring photo from Wish Vintage Rentals; reception table from Posh Bridal Lounge; cake via Lovella Bridal; table from Gavita Flora; and, bridesmaids from Kim Thiel Photography;

Bicycle Beach Wedding Invitation

A whimsical, playful theme deserves whimsical, playful stationery.

That’s why we created these bicycle-themed beach wedding invitations below. We imagine the couple who chooses this invitation will not be hosting a run-of-the-mill, traditional wedding. Oh, no. This wedding will be full of daisies and cupcakes, beer and hot dogs, kites and kickball. This beach wedding will be all about celebrating a joyful occasion with joy-filled food, decor and activities, along with a whole lotta fun.

If you like these Beach Bicycle Wedding Invitations and Beach Bicycle Wedding Save the Date Cards (also available as magnets), check out our Le Tour Bicycle Place Card Holders pictured below. It is sure to be one of many little wedding details that will make your event unique!

Beach Bicycle Wedding Invitations for a beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com
Beach Bicycle Wedding Invitations

Surfboard Keychain Bottle Opener Favors

Planning a beach wedding or beach bridal shower? These brightly-colored Surfboard Keychain Bottle Opener favors are a great choice your guests will love. They are adorable when displayed as part of a reception table setting with a fun beach-themed favor tag attached. These keychains would also be a festive addition to a bridal shower goodie bag, along with Flop Flop Nail Files and Personalized Sunscreen. It’s everything you could need for a day at the beach! Or, create your own mini-beach presentation – like we did below – with the surfboards nestled sweetly in the sand.

Surfboard keychain bottle opener favors for a beach wedding or beach bridal shower. - Beach Front Occasions, www.beachfrontoccasions.com
Surfboard Keychain Bottle Opener favors for beach wedding or bridal shower