Fun Couples Love These Flying Favors

Beaches, picnics, carnivals or boating — whatever your wedding theme, if it takes place outdoors and the main goal is for your guests to have a ton of fun, you’ll want to include this little personalized beach favor in your welcome or gift bags. Choose from either a flexible flying disc that can fold up into a pouch, or a more traditional frisbee. They each come in a ton of different colors, and you can add whatever design you like, whether you have a graphic or logo, or you just want to add your names, initials, wedding date, whatever. Your guests will have a blast before and after the wedding, playing a game they remember from their childhood, as they relive, reconnect and later remember the best wedding they’ve ever been to — yours!



Personalized Flying Disc
Personalized Flying Disc and Beach Wedding Favor
Personalized Flexible Flying Disc With Matching Pouch
Personalized Flexible Flying Disc With Matching Pouch

Beach Themed Favor Boxes

When picking the favors for your beach-themed wedding, don’t miss one of the most important aspects of all. Favor boxes take your typical, overdone wedding favors and kick them up a notch, allowing you to fit your theme in a personalized, creative way, while still sticking to your budget. Check out the latest additions to our selection of favor boxes, each as unique as your big day.

For fun favors your guests can grab on the go, choose the personalized beach theme rectangular wedding favor boxes. Pick from a fun starfish design, or a more romantic “hearts in the sand” motif. Then, personalize them with your names or other script, plus your wedding date. You can fill the boxes with anything you like, from candies in your wedding colors to small beach-themed souvenirs from your destination wedding location.

Bottle hanger boxes are an inventive new option to send your guests on their way with one last final drink in tow, plus a snack! The boxes do require a little bit of simple assembly, but the extra touch is worth it. Each is personalized with your chosen script, and you can choose from a variety of designs, from palm trees or flip flops to sandy shores or stripes. Each fits right over the head of a typical soda, beer or wine cooler bottle.


Personalized Beach Theme Rectangular Wedding Favor Boxes
Personalized Beach Theme Rectangular Wedding Favor Boxes


Personalized Beach Design Bottle Hanger Favor Boxes
Personalized Beach Design Bottle Hanger Favor Boxes


Personalized Beach Bottle Hanger Favor Boxes
Personalized Beach Bottle Hanger Favor Boxes

DIY Beach Wedding Favor: Fresh Herbs in a Mini Pitcher

Send your guests home with a bit of the great outdoors by making DIY wedding favors using fresh herbs. These nature-themed gifts make great beach wedding favors. We used mini white French-style pitchers and planted marjoram and chives (pictured below). But, you could use any frequently-used cooking herb, such as fragrant rosemary or thyme. Personalize these favors with custom labels and favor tags. We have a wide variety of beach-themed designs to use on nautical wedding favors and tropical wedding favors, like the hibiscus flower “thank you” label and tag below.

DIY Beach Wedding Favor herbs in French Provencal Mini Decorative Pitcher. - Beach Front Occasions,
DIY beach wedding favor: fresh herbs in a French-style mini pitcher

Pictured above: French Provencal Mini Decorative Pitcher with (from left to right) a personalized custom round label and a favor tag for beach weddings

Flip Flop & Fish Keychain Bottle Opener Favors

Surf’s up! And these brightly-colored beach-themed keychain bottle openers are set to make a big splash at your event. Use them as beach wedding favors or beach bridal shower favors and pop open some serious fun.

These popular flip flop and fish-shaped keychain bottle openers come in a variety of cheerful colors. Display them as part of a table setting or, as pictured below, in a decorative bowl nestled in sand. Personalize them and add your own unique flair by attaching favor tags that match your wedding or bridal shower stationery and decor.

However you choose to present them, your guests will love these fun keychain favors that bring the spirit of the beach to any party!

Fishbone and Flip Flop Keychain Bottle Opener Favors for a beach wedding or bridal shower. - Beach Front Occasions,

Pictured above: Hang Five Keychain Bottle Opener in Blue and in Purple; Fishbone Keychain Bottle Opener in Green and in Blue; Flip Flop Keychain Bottle Opener in Pink; and, favor tags using Beach Front Occasions’ Chevron Wave Wedding Invitations design