Beach Themed Place Card Holders

Don’t choose just any place card holder for your beach or nautical theme wedding. We have a variety of beach themed place card holders to pick from, and you’re sure to find one you love.

The silver seashell place card holders are perfect for an elegant seaside event, and can easily fit into any wedding color scheme.

The coral place card holders are equally classy, but add an additional layer of texture to your table settings.

For weddings with a more antique or vintage feel, go with the anchor place card holders. The weathered silver look is great paired with darker colors or rustic accents.

However, if you’re wanting to go completely beach-y and embrace your wedding setting to the fullest, pick none other than the seashell place card holders. Whimsical and fun, they have a completely authentic look, sure to catch your guests’ eyes.


Silver Seashell Beach Themed Place Card Holders
Silver Seashell Beach Themed Place Card Holders


Coral Place Card Holders
Coral Place Card Holders


Anchor Place Card Holder
Anchor Place Card Holder


Seashell Place Card Holders
Seashell Place Card Holders

Pink Seashell & Coral Beach Wedding Inspiration

Soft, warm coastal light is the inspiration for this seashell and coral beach wedding board. With a shade as girly as pink, bridesmaid dresses in a simple shape look chic. Color can unify beach-themed details – like shells, starfish and coral. Silver and chrome accents, like the lantern centerpieces and “love” bottle opener favors pictured below, reflect light and add shimmer to match the glow of the happy couple.

Seashell and Coral Beach Wedding Invitations Inspiration Board for a beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Shell & Coral Beach Wedding Invitations by Beach Front Occasions; bridesmaids via Divine Light Photography; centerpieces via The Decorista; cookie via; Love Bottle Opener Favor from Beach Front Occasions; cake via Ned Jackson Photography; letters via Tumblr; and, shell candles by Martha Stewart

Beach Wedding Colors: Coral, Pink, Pumpkin & Light Blue

Colorful coral reefs inspired our latest beach wedding palette. The magical combination of coral, pink, pumpkin and light blue will instantly transport your guests to an underwater paradise. Use tropical elements that echo the vibrancy of ocean plants and animals painted with nature’s own brush. Bridal bouquets in pinks and oranges will pop against dreamy blue bridesmaids dresses. Crown your table centerpieces with tall bird of paradise flowers and add natural underwater elements like coral-shaped place card holders to complete the look.

Coral beach wedding color palette with Coral Beach Wedding Invitations from Beach Front Occasions,
Beach wedding color palette: coral, pink, pumpkin & light blue – Beach Front Occasions

Pictured above: Beach Front Occasions’ Coral Beach Wedding Invitations

Coral Beach Wedding Inspiration Board

We love coral for a beach wedding – both the animal and the color. That’s right: animal!  The fact that coral resembles a plant or a type of rock, but is actually alive only adds to it’s mystery and magic.

Use the color for flower girl dresses and in your beach wedding floral design. It pairs beautifully with white, light pink and many blues, especially aqua. Incorporate the shape of coral in your   table centerpieces, place card holders and even jewelry to add a bit of underwater splendor to your special day.

Coral beach wedding inspiration board by Beach Front Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Beach Front Occasions’ Coral Beach Wedding Invitations; Beach Front Occasions’ Underwater Seascape Coral Design Hand Fans; bride with floral wreath via Wedding Gawker; necklace from etsy; cake via The Pastry Studio; and, flower girls via Chelsea Anne Photography