Beach Wedding Colors: Red, Orange, Amber Yellow & Sky Blue

Adventure and serenity: we honor both in our latest beach wedding color combination of red, orange, amber yellow and sky blue. Red, orange and yellow are activating colors that really pop against the calming blue of the ocean and the sky. Sky blue invites relaxation and reflection. This color palette is a beautiful match for our playful Two Fish In Love Wedding Invitations. Pay tribute to what you love most about the beach by using these adventurous and serene beach wedding colors!

Two Fish in Love Wedding Invitations Color Combination for a beach wedding. - Beach Front Occasions,
Beach wedding color palette: red, orange, amber yellow and sky blue

“Two Fish in Love” Beach Wedding Inspiration

Declare “Out of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me!” with a playful and romantic fish-themed beach wedding. Carry the “two fish in love” theme on your invitations and in little decorative details, like a cake topper and adorable fish place card holders. Aqua paper lanterns, a wave-patterned cake, your best gals dressed up in flattering shades of blue – these can all complement the fish motif, while accenting the gorgeous natural color palette of the beach.

Two Fish in Love Wedding Invitations and beach wedding inspiration board. - Beach Front Occasions,

Clockwise from Top Left: Wine Country Occasions’ Two Fish in Love Wedding Invitations and Double Fish Brushed Silver Finish Place Card Holders; fish cake topper via etsy; cake via Cake Channel; reception from Alice Corrine; and, bridesmaids from Joyeux Mariage